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Gabriel Armoury


Standardized production at very small prices to bring authenticity to everyone.


You wish that your young recruits could buy with confidence an affordable and historically accurate equipment, without the risk of being deceived by a seller of low-end armor that has never seen a real armor in his life?


Recommend them Gabriel Armoury!


To provide these beginners with some honest equipments at hyper-competitive prices, we decided to take the bull by the horns and produce some of our items in serial, in order to drastically reduce the cost. They are not produced by us, but are the result of our patient work of research and design and can be customized on request.

Recruit There are 10 products.

  • Beginners’’ equipments


    At Gabriel Armoury we strongly believe that helping beginners is an honourable and important mission. It is with this militant spirit that we have decided to produce these archers/billmen equipments in serial at a very kind price.


    Because we believe that the young recruit of all companies should be able to begin re-enactment with an affordable AND historically accurate first set… without breaking the bank and without ever being called a “Palymobil”.


    As all our “recruit” items, these equipments are not produced by us. Nevertheless, they are the result of our patient research and design work and can be customized for you on demand.

  • Chainmail


    Even on the age of plate armors and brigandines, chainmail was still omnipresent on the battlefields. Flexible, durable and relatively easy to maintain, it was a convenient way to properly protect the weak spots of the armor. Furthermore, it was still an acceptable protection for those who could not afford a harness, or wished to keep maximum freedom of movement.


    Notes: The use of these additional protections is highly recommended if you wish to practice jousting, competitive “Pas d’Armes” or battle reenactement.

  • Helmets


    As it is often the main target in duel or battle, the head deserves proper protection. Our offer in our “recruit” range of items is still quite limited but we hope to soon launch two more “serially-produced” helmet at very small price to help beginners.


    Note : gorgets and mail coifs are located in the « chainmail » part of the website.

    Note N°2 : if you are interested by high-range or gold plated helmets do not hesitate to have a look to the armor of our “Elite” and “Veteran” range of products.

  • Arms and accessories


    Because a good reenactment or jousting weekend requires more than only a beautiful armor, we have also thought about weapons and accessories.


    You will find underneath a selection of items that will allow you to enhance your equipment and add credibility to your character.

  • Gambesons and doublets.

    For a man-at-arms wearing a full harness, the quality of the arming doublet worn underneath the armour was almost as important as the quality of the armour itself. The doublet was lightly padded to make the wearing of each part more comfortable. It had also to be carefully designed in order not to interfere with the movements of the wearer and to maintain maximum mobility in combat.


    The thickness of the padding was obviously much more important on padded jacks and other gambisonned garments worn by ordinary fighters. It was often the main (or only) form of protection they own and it had to be robust. As they were inexpensive, easy to maintain and lightweight, padded jacks were appreciated by both militia and professionals.

  • « Recruit » Armour parts.


    Exactly like our beginners’ helmets, these few armor pieces are mass produced and offered at very small price, to bring authenticity to everyone.


    Helping all young newcomers to be properly equipped to start, is the motto of our range "recruit" !